Wednesday, May 25

Evening Grosbeaks

He started to bark, my dog, a deep defensive bark punctuated with an occasional shrill and ear piercing beller. His fat, round feet carried him through the entryway and to the front door. There he pressed his nose against the heavy wood, wagged his tail and sniffed  voraciously. His sausage dog body danced with anticipation because on the other side of the door was an evening grosbeak that  had collided with the breezeway glass.
Now having been alerted to the situation, by my dog, I opened the front door and picked up the small green gray bird. She was limp in my hands, stunned from the impact, but there was no evidence of blood and her feet had the strength to grip my skin.
I found a place for her on my deck, in the sunshine and elevated, that kept her safe from roaming felines and a little dog. Her recovery lasted for nearly an hour and a half. Gradually she lifted her body, fluttered her wings, blinked her eyes and surveyed her surrounding, before flying away to join her grosbeak friends and family.

She was a lucky one. I was happy to see her fly again.It reminded me of how important it is to take steps ensuring that future birds will not fly unsuspecting into the breezeway glass. I have hung two reflective wind socks against the glass, both have exceed my expectations. They gently sway in the wind, capturing  the sunlight, hindering any bird flight.
If your interested, found the beautiful wind socks at this site)

Grosbeak Facts:
  • Large, robust finch.
  • Tail relatively short.
  • Heavy conical bill pale greenish yellow.
  • Large white patch in wing obvious in flight.
Length  6.3-7.1 inches
Wingspan   11.8–14.2 in 
Weight  1.9–2.6 oz

Diet: Wide variety of small fruits and seeds, especially maples. Also insects and other invertebrates.

Wednesday, May 11

Which do you prefer?

Today I have put together a simple poll, that asks the question " Which type of scent do you prefer in a hand cream or a soap?"  With the farmers markets just starting to kick off for the late spring and summer season, I have been hearing a lot of discussion lately about perfume blends.  Many of my customers seems to appreciate a single scent in their product, most are expressing the desire to move away from the blends found in commercial boutiques.

I would love to know if you enjoy a single fragrance or if you prefer the blended scents, please feel free to complete the survey on the left hand side of this blogspot.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 1

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