Saturday, December 18

How time flys....where has this month gone

December is nearly over, I can't believe it. It seems this is what happens in a busy holiday month. The days fly by and before you know it another brand new year has arrived. In the last two weeks I have found myself unable to attend to my blog, Christmas shopping must be finished for the children in my family, dinner with good friends are numerous and full of holiday cheer, neighbors visit, and cookie baking is far from complete. Colored sugars and frosting await me in the kitchen as I fill this space.
Through all of this I find myself pondering new spring items for my Etsy shop, soaps both solid and whipped are on the agenda, as well as an array of  flavorful lip balms. I am considering solid perfumes and  possibly some various bath salts, there could even be some change ups in the general appearance of my shop website. As the holidays grow nearer and almost to a close, I am looking forward to  a new year, fresh with infinite possibilities

Coming soon 2011 bath and body collection

Thursday, December 9


I always find myself watching the weather, and today was no different. Torrential down pours, looming blue black clouds, sun breaks and sideways rain. The streets of Seattle became rivers, centerline reflectors disappeared below inches of icy rain, leafless maples lining  avenues bowed on a southwestern breeze. This is the Emerald City in early December, a city of silver awash with glassy liquid.

Saturday, December 4

How to build your own light box

Great photogrphs are essential when you are posting examples of your products online. So on these long winter days, building an inexpensive light box is a great project. This light box can be completed for less than five dollars!

What you will need:

  •  A cardboard box, you choose the size to meet the needs of your project.
  • Duct or packing tape. A clear tape is the best choice
  •  Ruler
  •  Pencil
  •  Box cutter
  •  Light weight paper, tissue paper or vellum
  •  Poster board

    Step One:

    With your box on it's side and the opening facing you, measure 1 1/2 "  from the bottom corner and the side corner of each panel.
    You should have a marked panel that looks like the picture below.

    Complete your measurements on each of the three panels.

    Step Two:

    With the box cutter slowly and carefully cut along the pattern lines. Handle the box cutter with care, be aware of where the blades is at all times.

    Once you have cut the three panels your box should resemble the box below:

    Step Three:

    Next, cut the light weight paper, tissue paper or vellum (remember  the paper you choose should be thin  enough to allow light to filter into the lightbox.) to a size that will fit each of the panel frames. Tape the cut paper to the  panel frame. All three sides are completed when the paper is taped to all of the panel frames.

    Step Four:

    Measure  the poster board to fit the inside of the light box. The  poster board should be large enough to fill the inside of the light box. It should cover the entire back wall from the ceiling of the light box to the floor, and the poster board should extend  out to the  front leading edge of the light box.

     Now your ready to use your brand new light box. Simply place  an object inside the light box and begin to photograph. You can rely solely on natural light or you place an additional light source outside the light box. The tissue paper will filter and soften any light falling on or around the object being photographed.

    Have fun!

    Thursday, December 2

    Things that go bump in the night

    CRASH! it was something falling onto the deck, it was a familiar crash, the twice weekly six o'clockish crash that is always followed chittering and chattering. A victorious chittering and chattering that for them signals conquest. The scene outside the living room window is one of comical chaos. Bird seed, thistle and black sunflowers are spread wildly across the cedar decking. Three short, squat individuals, thick and heavily furred are rolling on top of each other, engaged in an odd sort of high five, a fourth one investigates the birdseed booty. I tap on the window and they pause from their follies, I tap again and slowly they lumber away, out of sight and off to another nightly neighborhood noshing.