Saturday, December 18

How time flys....where has this month gone

December is nearly over, I can't believe it. It seems this is what happens in a busy holiday month. The days fly by and before you know it another brand new year has arrived. In the last two weeks I have found myself unable to attend to my blog, Christmas shopping must be finished for the children in my family, dinner with good friends are numerous and full of holiday cheer, neighbors visit, and cookie baking is far from complete. Colored sugars and frosting await me in the kitchen as I fill this space.
Through all of this I find myself pondering new spring items for my Etsy shop, soaps both solid and whipped are on the agenda, as well as an array of  flavorful lip balms. I am considering solid perfumes and  possibly some various bath salts, there could even be some change ups in the general appearance of my shop website. As the holidays grow nearer and almost to a close, I am looking forward to  a new year, fresh with infinite possibilities

Coming soon 2011 bath and body collection

Thursday, December 9


I always find myself watching the weather, and today was no different. Torrential down pours, looming blue black clouds, sun breaks and sideways rain. The streets of Seattle became rivers, centerline reflectors disappeared below inches of icy rain, leafless maples lining  avenues bowed on a southwestern breeze. This is the Emerald City in early December, a city of silver awash with glassy liquid.

Saturday, December 4

How to build your own light box

Great photogrphs are essential when you are posting examples of your products online. So on these long winter days, building an inexpensive light box is a great project. This light box can be completed for less than five dollars!

What you will need:

  •  A cardboard box, you choose the size to meet the needs of your project.
  • Duct or packing tape. A clear tape is the best choice
  •  Ruler
  •  Pencil
  •  Box cutter
  •  Light weight paper, tissue paper or vellum
  •  Poster board

    Step One:

    With your box on it's side and the opening facing you, measure 1 1/2 "  from the bottom corner and the side corner of each panel.
    You should have a marked panel that looks like the picture below.

    Complete your measurements on each of the three panels.

    Step Two:

    With the box cutter slowly and carefully cut along the pattern lines. Handle the box cutter with care, be aware of where the blades is at all times.

    Once you have cut the three panels your box should resemble the box below:

    Step Three:

    Next, cut the light weight paper, tissue paper or vellum (remember  the paper you choose should be thin  enough to allow light to filter into the lightbox.) to a size that will fit each of the panel frames. Tape the cut paper to the  panel frame. All three sides are completed when the paper is taped to all of the panel frames.

    Step Four:

    Measure  the poster board to fit the inside of the light box. The  poster board should be large enough to fill the inside of the light box. It should cover the entire back wall from the ceiling of the light box to the floor, and the poster board should extend  out to the  front leading edge of the light box.

     Now your ready to use your brand new light box. Simply place  an object inside the light box and begin to photograph. You can rely solely on natural light or you place an additional light source outside the light box. The tissue paper will filter and soften any light falling on or around the object being photographed.

    Have fun!

    Thursday, December 2

    Things that go bump in the night

    CRASH! it was something falling onto the deck, it was a familiar crash, the twice weekly six o'clockish crash that is always followed chittering and chattering. A victorious chittering and chattering that for them signals conquest. The scene outside the living room window is one of comical chaos. Bird seed, thistle and black sunflowers are spread wildly across the cedar decking. Three short, squat individuals, thick and heavily furred are rolling on top of each other, engaged in an odd sort of high five, a fourth one investigates the birdseed booty. I tap on the window and they pause from their follies, I tap again and slowly they lumber away, out of sight and off to another nightly neighborhood noshing.

    Tuesday, November 30

    Just featured in a gorgeous Etsy treasury

    I am so excited! one of my beautiful cold processed soaps was just featured in and Etsy treasury.
    My wonderful Moments of Zen Soap Bar has been featured in a beautiful new treasury at Etsy. This clean, crisp soap is so relaxing in the shower or bath. Click the link to see this item and many  more from some of Etsy's talented artisans!

    I just decided to pop back on my blog spot for a few minutes and let everyone know I have been added to another great  etsy treasury tonight. I am so honored to be a part of these wonderful features and I wanted to share the great news with you.

    Monday, November 29

    The Thanksgiving weekend concludes

    The long holiday weekend is over, It was wonderful to celebrate with friends and family. I certainly had my share of brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce. The snow melted as quickly as it arrived, and icy roads made way for all those holiday bargain hunters. When the festivities ended, I found myself returning to the soap room and my newest creations….Gingerbread and Nutmeg soap bars. Scented for the holidays and colored with a contemporary spirit.

    Friday, November 26

    Turkey Weekend sales at Etsy :)

    Friday and Saturday only, Eldoradosoap is offering 10, 15 and 25 % off selected cold processed soap bars, These little loaves of lather make wonderful gifts, they smell great, they are creamy, they are so so very sudsy, and they leave skin feeling soft and supple!
    Stop by my store and take a look, I am sure you will find something you’ll love!

    Tuesday, November 23

    Ice, snow and power outages...

    Well, I guess mother nature decided to show us just exactly how powerful she can be. Yesterday started out like most average late November days. Overcast, light breeze, typical grayness...but as the day progressed things started to change, the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fly, by mid afternoon the wind was howling and visibility  reduced.  King 5 News was broadcasting images filled with metro buses awkwardly scaling the cities hills, city residents parking their vehicles in the middle of the freeway and walking to their next destination, snow blowing here and there.
    My home was without power before the broadcast was complete, without internet, without modern noise. It was quiet, it was peaceful apart from the wind buffeting the north side of my home. It was a winter storm in the middle of autumn.

    Sunday, November 21

    Soapy apricot freesia...

    Like a summer day in the middle of winter, that is the way I would describe the fragrance of this beautiful bar of soap. It smells like a fresh juicy apricot and newly cut freesia blossoms. In the shower it bursts with fragrance that lasts throughout the morning.  The lather is thick. the soap is smooth and is definitely going to be a new favorite of mine.

    Saturday, November 20

    Peppermint Cream soap is here.

    Absolutely not a flake of snow here in the Puget Sound, the skies are low and fluffy and silvery gray. They look like that could produce that powdery stuff and heaven knows it is cold enough...but alas we are flake free.

    On the soaping front my new bars are  finally finished, wrapped and ready to go for the holidays! Peppermint Cream Soap bars!
    These little bars of peppermint cream soaps are zippy, tingly, cooling and smell just like a bowl of peppermint cream patties. each bar is scented with notes of vanilla Sugar, pure peppermint, and creme de mint fragrance oil (the fragrance oils used in our soaps  are phthalate free.)

    These gorgeous little glycerin bars are perfect for your hands or feet. They have a thick foamy lather that feels wonderful as you wash.
    Next up I will be introducing a fabulous Freesia Apricot soap bar, yummy smelling and delightful!

    Friday, November 19

    Snow event 2010

    hmmmm.... where is snow event 2010? I was expecting flakes to be falling from the skies by now and 10 inches of snow to be blanketing the deck. Instead we have rain... heavy and wet against the windows, overflowing from the gutter spouts and pounding the rooftop. It sounds nice, it gives you that cozy winter cabin feel, but I was really looking forward to building a snowman.
    I suppose it could all change by morning, at 39 degrees, I tend to doubt it.
    If there is a beautiful blanket of white in the morning I will post  a photo of it right next to the new photos of my peppermint creme soap bars.
    See you Saturday!

    Wednesday, November 17

    Snow on friday?

    So the weather forecasters are calling for snow in the lowlands. It is unusual for the Seattle area to have snow this time of year. The last time we had a significant snowfall was in 2008. And that event earned such dubious nicknames as " snowmaggedon" and "snowpocolypse". Snowfall seems to put fear in the bravest of Seattle hearts, but not me..I relish it!
    In preparation for this event I have filled our bird feeders, the chickadees cannot go without! and I have left dried corn for the little tree rat that frequents the now barren maples  side our kitchen window. The fridge is stocked with chocolate milk and pasta, I am set for " Snow Event 2010 "
    While waiting for the snowfall soaping continues daily, wrapping, packaging and mailing...I love this time of year, and  I  love our busy little workshop. The weather will simply add to the holiday atmosphere.

    Tuesday, November 16

    New Soap selection

    I have just finished wrapping and photographing my new Mango Bliss soap bar. It smells absolutely divine. I create these lovely little loaves of lather in small batches. Producing soap in small batches gives my the chance to maintain a quality bar and special attention to detail.
    All of my cold process soaps are made using some of the finest olive, coconut and palm oils. Each bar is cut after 24 hours, it is then sent to the drying rack where is will cure for 4 to 6 weeks.
    The resulting bar is a mild, rich, creamy, lathering soap that smell as good as it feels.
    if your interested in seeing my soaps they can be found at:

    Have a great day everyone, and see you soon!

    Monday, November 15

    Handsome Bay Rum Soap Bar for Men

    This is my latest listing on Etsy. It is a handsome bar of Bar Rum soap especially for men. It has a wonderful masculine fragrance, blending bay leaves and orange peels. It smells fresh crisp and clean. the men in my family love this soap and are always requesting more.

    Brand new on Etsy

    Today was another typical day, wind blowing the trees as a new weather front moved in off the Pacific. In fact, it is still blowing tonight...not quite as strong, but it is still blowing.
    So, with the wind howling and the weather slowly worsening I decided to focus on a few new scents for my new holiday soaps and create a  beautiful treasury at my Etsy page.
    You can view it if you would like and leave me a comment too. let me know what you think of the colors and the featured items. I think they are all wonderful, I think they would be great holiday gifts for that special someone. Maybe you will think so too.
    As for my scent blending I have decide on a delicious peppermint creme and a fabulous holiday vanilla. The peppermint smells just like the sweet confection. The final soap will be a layered glycerin soap of Christmas red and snow white. It is going to be gorgeous.
    The vanilla is rich and buttery. I am planning for this to be another glycerin soap, maybe a soft ivory hued bar. the scents in both are absolutely divine!
    I will have pictures of the new soaps for you to view in the next few days. Check back frequently, don't forget to click the link above and leave some feedback for my treasury

    Sunday, November 14

    This morning....

    It has been a beautiful morning in the pacific northwest. Granted, it is a little more overcast and cooler than I prefer, but you cannot deny the beauty of autumn mornings. The leaves are nearly gone from the trees, they fall to the ground and add splashes of color on an otherwise green lawn. Chickadees now dance in the almost barren branches, and I have to wonder " is snow in our future..."
    I think about placing suet treats and black sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. I don't want my tiny feathered friends to lose any body fat before the winter months arrive. They will need all the energy they can muster in the coming weeks.
    Watching these small and cheery little birds, I contemplate another mug of hot spiced cider...Autumn is a changing but delightful season.