Friday, April 29

May Day Sale...all day Sunday May 1, 2011

This Sunday May 1, I will be celebrating May Day and hosting a fabulous soap sale. Everything in my inventory will be 15% off. Choose from scented lip balms, bath fizzies, glycerin or cold process olive oil soaps, whipped soaps and sugar scrubs!
 Herbal Peppermint Spa Fizzie
 Sweet Strawberry
 Lemongrass and Poppyseed
 Granny Smith Apple Sugar Scrub
 Cafe Latte Scented Lip balm
 Fresh Florida Orange
Your Choice of Three Olive Oil Soaps

Wednesday, April 13

Cherry Blossoms and Lilac Blooms

I can smell the cottonwoods, a sweet soft fragrance that arrives every year about this time. It fills the air and mingles with the newly blooming cherry blossoms. I know that in just a few weeks the lilacs will paint the horizon in shades of dusky purple and cornflower blue.
These beautiful spring flowers are the inspiration for my newest treasury. I have showcased some amazing etsy shops, I hope you'll stop bay and take a peek at what they have to offer.

Tuesday, April 5

Visions of Springtime Gold

Today the rain falls again. Cold hard drops which belong to winter and not to spring. I'm trapped in my small, cozy writing room. And if it were not for the liquid ice falling from the heavens  today, I would be in my garden tending the fresh sprouts of spring.
On days like this I find myself discovering new and beautiful Etsy crafts. I explore  pages filled with gorgeous vintage items, bath products so divine, radiant jewelry and tempting edibles! Handcrafted one of a kind clothing, pottery and paperart. It is endless, this discovery and it inspires me to create a collection that I hope will be discovered by others in a place Etsy calls the treasury.
Looking out onto the heavy skies I have decided to capture the sun in sixteen beautiful items. I want to wash away the rain with shades of yellow and gold.
So with no further introduction needed I introduce to you " Visions of Springtime in Gold "